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Get a free, 30-day trial of TaskRay - bundled with a free trial of Salesforce!

TaskRay plus Salesforce equals customer success Test the power of the world's best onboarding / customer success app inside the world's best CRM.

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  • Customer Success isn't a catchphrase—it's the leading indicator of a company's long-term outlook
  • Customer Onboarding is the first and most important piece of the customer success journey
  • TaskRay is the #1-rated, #1-downloaded app for customer onboarding directly in Salesforce

With over 220 5-star reviews, we know that once you see how powerful and easy-to-use TaskRay is, you'll understand why our 1,300+ customers see us as a must-have. But we've encountered people who've run into roadblocks such as:

  • They don't have admin access to Salesforce or don't have the permissions to install software
  • Their team doesn’t have Salesforce and wants to explore how they could use it with TaskRay
  • They'd just like to play around with sample data/projects before committing to installing


The 30-day trial: What you get

This free, 30-day trial option gives you a fully functioning version of TaskRaybundled within a free trial setup of Salesforce. You get the best of both worlds in an environment that's totally turnkey, quick to set up and easy to use (no Salesforce admin experience required).

TaskRay screenshot You get all the features in both apps so you can test the functionality in your own private sandbox without any risk to your data or network environment. It also comes pre-loaded with sample projects and actions so you can:

  • Build out a project with tasks to see exactly how it would work in your organization
  • Automate a customer onboarding process simply by hitting Closed/Won on an opportunity
  • Use our pre-built templates to try out TaskRay functionality with zero risk
  • Experience how TaskRay Lightning Components can help you visualize projects and tasks in Salesforce
  • See how reports and dashboards can measure and analyze TaskRay data

We offer a number of free resources with guidance to help you get the most out of your trial/demo, including help videos, instructional webinars, and access to our Support site.

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